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Naturopathy and Yoga Detox Retreats

Explore an unique experience of luxury and health at Yoga Temple India. The best wellness retreat in india
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Naturopathy And Yoga Detox

Retreat Highlights

  • Highlight the healing power of nature
  • Work On Curative and Eliminative Techniques
  • Learn Basic Techniques that can be practiced at home
  • Sessions and Focus on How to Release Your Emotional Blocks
  • Do not cause harm or exacerbate pre-existing conditions
  • Naval Balancing Treatment
  • How to Clear Your Emotional Blocks
  • Daily Yoga and meditation Practice

Naturopathy and Yoga Detox Retreats

Naturopathy is that aspect of Ayurveda that is gaining popularity globally in last few years due to its natural long-term, effective treatment and gentle process. An alternate healing science using natural elements, Naturopathy differs from the ordinary treatments as it not just focuses on removing the disorder’s symptoms from the body but also focuses on tracing the deep-rooted cause behind it so that the disorder could be uprooted from deep within. It uses the natural defense of patient’s body to heal the body without affecting the body by any outer stimuli.

This 13 day Naturopathy and Detox Yoga Retreat simply applies basic natural therapy techniques that have been used for years to treat various conditions. In this yoga retreat, you will not only undergo our Emotional detox program for the first week and (in second week) learn basic Naturopathy techniques focused on patient care and recovery, which you can later practice at home.

A combination of yoga and a strict daily schedule helps bring back inner harmony and reset the biological clock.

What are its benefits?
The primary benefit is that it cleanses the body and makes you feel light,fresh and agile. Additional benefits include relief from the symptoms of toxicity, lowered blood sugar and pressure levels, better bowel movement, improved metabolism and control over body weight, relief from joint pain and general body aches, and, most importantly, the forming of and adhering to a structured daily routine.

How is the naturopathy detox at YTI different from others?
We walk our talk, that’s why we are different! We entertain a maximum of 10 to 15 guests at a time only. An experienced therapist is assigned to each guest from early morning to evening, throughout their stay. The therapies are performed by highly trained staff under hygienic conditions in individual therapy rooms. Almost all waking hours are utilised for healing therapies, with meal and rest breaks, of course.

The combination of the pristine environment of Corbett, luxurious setting, industry experts, traditional Ayurvedic oils from Kerala, wraps and packs made with locally grown herbs and medicinal plants, along with a personalized and bespoke schedule provides a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.